Athens Festival - Angelica Liddel And Nora Chipaumire


  • When: 30 May 2019 - 01 Jun 2019
  • Where: Peireos 260 - Athens
  • Title: Athens Festival - Angelica Liddel And Nora Chipaumire
  • Contact Number: +30 210 9282900
  • Website:
Athens Festival - Angelica Liddel And Nora Chipaumire

Two unconventionally artistic women will perform at Peireos 260 on the 30th of May, each with their own unique show.

Angelica Liddell returns to the Athens Festival five years after her last performance "All the Sky Above the Earth". In Genesis 6, 6-7, Liddell blends poetry and theatre, weaving together the myth of Medea with the Old Testament.

The title refers to the first book of the Old Testament and more specifically in that moment when God regrets creating humankind and decides to destroy all life on the planet.

In #PUNK, first part of a music trilogy, the choreographer Nora Chipaumire,  draws inspiration from her years in Zimbabwe during the 1970s and 1980s.

The word ‘punk’ refers to the music of that period, but also to an uncompromising, anti-commercial way of living, built on the principles of self-reliance and do-it-yourself.

Through her one-of-a-kind visual landscapes and soundscapes, she tackles concepts such as self-depiction, biography, emancipation, independence, adopting a distinctly punk take on the concept of ‘future’: there is no future; the future is already embedded in the present.


- Angelica Liddell: Genesis 6, 6-7 (May 30-31 at 21:00)

- Nora Chipaumire: #PUNK (May 30-June 1 at 23:00)

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