Petit Paris d'Athènes 2018 ~ May of 1968: Fifty Years Later...

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Petit Paris d'Athènes 2018 ~ May of 1968: Fifty Years Later...
Petit Paris is back for another year and will be running from October 4th to October 14th neighborhoods  of central Athens likeOmonoia square, Larissa Station and Peloponnisos Station, Metaxourgeio, St Paul square and Victoria square.

These are the neighborhoods where many streets are named in French and have served as cultural meeting points between the cosmopolitan and folk culture of Athens with foreign traditions of refugees, travelers and visitors.

Music, art and photo exibitions, street art, theater and varietè, street events and street art, lectures, “tables rondes” and “rendez-vous sociaux”, walking tours, educational programmes and games.

A ten-day parade of art and culture in the city center of Athens, with more than 500 artists, creators and thinkers participating, coming from in and out of Greece. Events are being performed in places that combine Athens urban culture and Greek folk tradition, with foreign influence, coming to us by immigrants, travelers and visitors, such as streets, squares, parks, conservatoires, galleries, music bistro, schools, historic buildings, hotels and other alternative places inside the area surrounded by the Omonoia square, Larissa station, Peloponisos station, Metaksourgio, Agios Pavlos church and Viktoria square, in which many streets have French names.

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This festival is helping one of the most underrated areas of Athens get filled with culture and art, and is helping young artists to shine. It is co-hosted by Athens Art Network, the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the City of Athens and the Region of Athens. It is under the aid of the Ministry of the Culture and Sports and has the support of the Ambassade de France en Grèce and the Institut Français d'Athènes.

In 2013 the first festival was dedicated to the 100 years since the birth of Albert Camus. In 2014 Petit Paris d'Athènes was dedicated to Βelle Époque as well as the declaration of World War 1. In 2015 the festival's theme was Bistrot and Cafe culture featuring rive gauche and post-war Paris. In 2016 the festival's theme was Team Spirit and Art. In 2017 Petit Paris d'Athènes was dedicated to The Woman in Europe. As for this year,2018, the theme is going to be “May of 68. Fifty years after.”

How the mass revolution of the French May in 1968, without any racial, cultural, ageism or social discriminations affected and is still affecting society and art worldwide?

Art, engaged or not, marked the revolution of May 1968 and still is a movement of timeless value.

This year’s theme is inspired from this historic revolution and the values, the central and side actions of the social battles through the ages.