Costas Andreou - Ippokratous


Musician Costas Andreou will present the concert Ippokratous, a live music production with his fretless electric bass and sounds of Ippokratous street, at Fournos Theatre (Mavromichali 168, Athens) on Wednesday 9 and 16 October 2019 at 21:00.

At the concert Ippokratous Costas Andreou creates music and sounds with his fretless electric bass in real time, interacting live with realistic and processed soundscapes of Ippokratous street.

The instrumental music is interwoven at that moment with the sonic environment of a street of Athens, generating images in the mind. Every concert is unique, it has its own breath, offering every time a unique experience.

The sounds of Ippokratous street are chosen and processed in such a way that they participate in the game of the imagination.

Short and long stories are crafted in the mind, with the emotion and sensitivity of the live music created by Costas Andreou with the fretless electric bass.