Sleepover At The Industrial Gas Museum


Sleepover At The Industrial Gas Museum
The beloved event "A Night at the Museum" makes its triumphant return to the Industrial Gas Museum, this time embracing a more adventurous travel theme. "We come from afar" to spend the night inside the historic kerosene factory! Young and old alike, pack your bags for the most thrilling sleepover to hit Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens! From Saturday afternoon on February 24th until the following morning on February 25th, families with children aged 7–11 will embark on an extraordinary journey through space and time, engaging in four unique educational activities and plenty of playful fun!

The adventure begins on Saturday at 18:00, just as night descends, with families participating in a captivating exploration game crafted by the BMF team. Amidst the industrial backdrop of the museum, visitors will collectively delve into the machinery, stories, and materials imported from distant lands that have been collected at the gas plant. Guided by a rare map, the mission for young and old explorers is to traverse the farthest corners of this historic factory!

The exploration stops include vibrant music and dance experiences. The Cultural Center of African Art and Cultures, ANASA, will transport visitors to the African continent through a rhythm workshop and music session where participants of all ages will harness the power of their bodies and voices to explore the rhythms and instruments of West African dance traditions.

The first day concludes with a movie screening and a cozy sleepover set up within the museum. The following day kicks off with an energetic breakfast, setting the stage for a morning filled with artistic creation workshops where children become cartographers of their imaginative worlds. Meanwhile, adults will enjoy a guided tour of the Industrial Gas Museum, getting acquainted with the rich history of the old gas factory and its profound connection to the neighborhood of Gazi and the broader history of Athens.

Note: Phone reservations are mandatory for securing participation in this event.