Athens English Comedy Club


  • When: 13 Nov 2022
  • Where: Eliart Theater
  • Price: €14 general admission / €17 at the door
  • Title: Athens English Comedy Club
  • Email:
Athens English Comedy Club
Founded in 2019, the Athens English Comedy Club is the first, and only, purely English comedy club in Greece - bringing you local and international comedians, right in the heart of Athens

Is the Athens comedy scene “all Greek” to you? Are you on the lookout for English language events which do not require you to read surtitles? Do you want to try your hand at stand up in English? We are here for YOU!
  • Sunday Novembr 13th

    10 comedians, 5’ each, all in English.

    MC: To be announced!

    It'll be a mix of everything. A potluck of comedy. ​Colourful, comedic, chaos.

    Experienced and new comedians trying out their best new jokes. Some of them will be good, some of them will be great, and some will never see the light of day again. It's up to you!

    Time: 21:30pm (Doors open 20:45)
    Tickets: €12 early-bird til November 6th / €14 general admission / €17 at the door
    Duration: 1h15
    Reservations: 6987994689 //
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Keen to get involved and join us on stage? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date with open mic registrations!
Come and laugh! Nay! Come and chortle. Or better yet, guffaw!
We also offer 3 free tickets per show to persons with disabilities or unemployed persons (phone reservation required).