CYA International Conference - Thucydides The Athenian

  • by XpatAthens
CYA International Conference - Thucydides The Athenian
This conference seeks to put Thucydides back into his native city, exploring the man within his political and social circles, and delving deeper into the realities of Periclean policy and ideology.

An international group of scholars will address these questions through analyses of Pericles’ allies and enemies, and Thucydides’ staging of these characters in his narrative as they experience the post-Periclean legacy. Additionally, they will investigate the Periclean building program, and present new ways of using the evidence from the recently discovered cup inscribed by Pericles and members of his milieu.

Organizing Committee:
Nanno Marinatos, Professor and Head, Department of Classics and Mediterranean Studies, University of Illinois, Chicago
Alexis Phylactopoulos, President, College Year in Athens
Robert Pitt, Classics professor, College Year in Athens
Theoni Scourta, Vice President for Academic Affairs, College Year in Athens

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