5 Years Of Impact - Impact Hub Athens

  • by XpatAthens
5 Years Of Impact - Impact Hub Athens
Having completed five years of operations full of positive social impact and having created a community where new ideas, innovation and creative spirits gather and work together to propose the “new” and the “fresh”, Impact Hub Athens welcomes its “new era” by talking about what has already happened and what new is emerging.

We want to discuss and assess the evolution of the ideas that we saw in their birth and today are dominant. Movements that began timidly and today are sweeping past certainties and are evolving. Trends and suggestions that at the moment might seem unlikely but they will determine the decisions in the next 5 years.

Starting an Impact Hub in Athens marked a first important step in the social economy ecosystem; the first time, that changemakers would gather together, connect & collaborate through a facilitated scheme, empower more citizens & entrepreneurs to be activated in that direction, make the sector more extrovert and represent it in corporate, philanthropic & government levels. As the first cycle of five years of this work has been completed, it is essential to explore, discuss and debate about the looming and pioneering themes, the leading-edge trends that will define the social impact agenda and designate the following 5 years of this evolving ecosystem. It is important to set the guidelines for the next steps of positive social impact, the steps that will further establish the social changes that have already occurred and take us to other 5 succeeding years.

Let’s imagine together the future we want to shape. Let’s connect and collaborate towards a common goal: to pioneer a just & sustainable world where business & profit are used in service of people and planet.

During #5yearsofimpact, for 3 impactful days, experts, stakeholders, practitioners, curious & interested, young & older people will come together to explore, debate and design around core issues of the social economy sector. We are going to host a safe & inspiring space where unlikely allies can share concerns, practices, experiences and leave inspired, aligned and connected for potential joint ventures, programmes & actions. And all the above using our imagination as a tool of creativity, a way to envision the big picture and shape our strategy.

After harvesting the key questions of the creative forces, cultivating ideas & initiatives formed by citizens & grassroots and having a close look on emerging wicked ideas, we are creating a 3 days celebration, designed around the following topics:
  • Systemic Change 
  • Technology 
  • Activism 
  • Urbanism
  • Circular Economy 
Join us to celebrate our 5 years of positive social impact and welcome the “new era”. Let’s discover together what is coming up. Let’s gather to collectively explore and design the agenda for social innovation & positive impact for the next #5yearsofimpact

Learn more about the event's agenda HERE!