FokiaNou Art Space Presents: Erosion & Renewal


  • When: 10 Feb 2024 - 02 Mar 2024
  • Time: 19:00 - 20:00
  • Where: Fokianou 24, Pagrati,
  • Title: FokiaNou Art Space Presents: Erosion & Renewal
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FokiaNou Art Space Presents: Erosion & Renewal
FokiaNou Art Space presents the two-person exhibition “Erosion & Renewal” with works by Fay Anagnostopoulou and Stella Sevastopoulos - an exhibition with contrasts and connections. Anagnostopoulou explores Athenian urbanism, while Sevastopoulos is inspired by nature and culture, yet both artists focus on the way that time, the elements, or even the human hand, intervene on surfaces and environments, evolving them into something new. Anagnostopoulou’s urban walls speak of inner-city life’s intriguing erosions and contrast with Sevastopoulos’s ancient walls, with traces of plant motifs, and with her focus on the natural environment’s regenerative nature. However, texture and color play an important role in both these artists’ works. Furthermore, they both explore a similar, palimpsestic approach, one which involves adding layers of acrylic paint to the canvas, as well as other mediums and techniques. Α kind of editing process via layering.

Fay Anagnostopoulou studied Architecture and Advertising at the University of Minnesota, and attended Abstract Art seminars at the Art League of Houston, Texas. She has worked at the Architectural Office of Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle in Minneapolis, as well as in the fields of Architectural Design and Press Promotion at Progressive Architecture in the same city. She started painting in 2004, leaving the field of architecture and advertising. In 2008, she moved back permanently to Athens, Greece. Today she continues her search through the field of Abstract Painting.

Stella Sevastopoulos (Στέλλα Σεβαστοπούλου) was born and raised in London. She studied Art, English Literature, and History of Art at Harrow College of Art, Lancaster University and Reading University. She moved to Athens in 1994, has worked as a freelance journalist for various publications, and was Arts Editor at the ‘Athens News’ newspaper. She writes/runs the site ‘Art Scene Athens’. She has been creating art throughout her life, but started exhibiting her work in 2018, and has developed her artistic process in both abstract and representational directions. She has participated in over 30 group exhibitions and has had two solo exhibitions.

Opening days and hours: Thursday to Saturday, 17.00 – 20.00

About FokiaNou Art Space

FokiaNou Art Space is an artist-run project space in the intimacy of a small apartment in an old building in the center of Athens. The space encourages collaborative creative efforts between Greek and foreign artists, thereby promoting and supporting the local art community. The space hosts exhibitions, workshops and projects under the direction of two artists, Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris.