George Seferis: Sixty Years Since The Nobel Prize


George Seferis: Sixty Years Since The Nobel Prize
On October 24, 1963, the Swedish Academy announced Giorgos Seferis as its laureate for the Nobel Prize. Sixty years after that historic occasion, the Benaki Museum holds the opening of the exhibition entitled “George Seferis: sixty years later," dedicated to the historic anniversary of the announcement itself and the award ceremony that followed it, on December 10, 1963.

Built around Seferis’ Nobel Prize, which belongs in the permanent collection of the Ghika Gallery, the exhibition presents a range of artefacts and photographic documents. It comprises three units: The first pertains to the day of the announcement, the second centres on the evening of the award ceremony, and the last is dedicated to its aftermath and features relevant press articles, letters, and telegrams of congratulations. Posters, newspapers of the day, and visual and audio documents displayed alongside personal objects of the poet’s create an environment that evokes the magnitude of the event and showcases his personality.

The material making up the exhibition derives from Seferis’ archive, which is held at the Gennadius Library, the collections of the Benaki Museum, and private collections.

IN COLLABORATION WITH the Swedish Embassy in Athens

Opening Hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00