FokiaNou Art Space: Destination Athens, Group Exhibition


  • When: 18 Jan 2024 - 03 Feb 2024
  • Where: FokiaNou Art Space, Fokianou 24, 7th floor, Pagrati, Athens
  • Title: FokiaNou Art Space: Destination Athens, Group Exhibition
  • Website:
FokiaNou Art Space: Destination Athens, Group Exhibition
Since ancient times, Athens has attracted people to visit, live, or study. From the early post-war years, Athens became a tourist destination, with iconic buildings such as the Hilton symbolizing this effort, even if it usually functioned as just a stopover before the islands. But in recent years, the city has experienced an unprecedented tourist boom. For some foreigners, the city has become a place of residence, from digital nomads to artists and curators. The city is changing at a rapid pace; empty buildings have taken on new life and form; businesses are opening; forgotten neighborhoods are popping up; and new jobs are being created. At the same time, however, rents are rising to high and unsustainable levels, as is the overall cost of living for permanent residents, while Athens' infrastructure remains incomplete even in the most basic areas, such as pavements, with the otherwise problematic public space of the city being given over to all kinds of private, commercial use.

But what is the reality of Athens today, behind the windows of hotels and cafes, beyond the foreign publications that present it as the ideal combination of chaos and history, beach and art? Athens is constantly changing and receiving people and their worlds, shaping and being shaped by them. Athens is travel and escape, experiences and emotions, smells and tastes, photo clicks and Instagram poses; it is beauty and ugliness together, happy moments and misery.

Fourteen artists present their response to this question in various media, answering an open call put out by FokiaNou Art Space. Participants: Neva Bergemann, Sofia Charoni, Mary Cox, Panagiotis Ferentinos, Sidan Ghazi, Constantina Halkias, Maria Karassavidou, Panos Liapis, Christos Movidis, Despoina Pantazi, Geeta Roopnarine, Stephanie Sampson, Stella Sevastopoulos, and Kiveli Zachariou.

Opening days and hours: Thursday to Saturday, 17.00–20.00

Curated by Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris

FokiaNou Art Space is an artist-run project space in the intimacy of a small apartment in an old building in the center of Athens. The space encourages collaborative creative efforts between Greek and foreign artists, thereby promoting and supporting the local art community. The space hosts exhibitions, workshops and projects under the direction of two artists, Mary Cox and Panagiotis Voulgaris.