Awesome Athens Experiences - Travel Virtually With Athens Street Art


If you want to be impressed by the amazing street art in Athens and to learn also the stories behind them, but you don't know where to find them you can join us in this virtual walk about the street art of the city. ​

In this interactive street art adventure, you will unlock the alternative side of the oldest still inhabited city in Europe.

It is fully interactive, with amazing photos, videos, chat, and quizzes! Join us for an interactive virtual walk around six alternative Athenian neighborhoods, where you will learn about the history and evolution of Athen’s street art and culture.

You’ll hear the inside stories of some of the most iconic masterpieces, both large and small, and learn about real Athens, beyond the tourist spots and famous antiquities. ​

So, grab your devices and let us bring the Athenian urban art to your comfortable home!

One more thing! If you are lucky enough you will have the opportunity to meet our two Athenian cats -with the Attica accent - who are also street art lovers but big sleepers at the most!