"Unruly Phenomena" - Painting Exhibition By Mary Cox

  • by XpatAthens
"Unruly Phenomena" - Painting Exhibition By Mary Cox
STOart Korai presents the work of Mary Cox, in a lively painting exhibition entitled "Unruly Phenomena".

The show focuses on plants, particularly wild ones growing in Attica, whose hardiness and resistance is the basis for the title. Synonyms for "unruly" are wild, unmanageable, and not amenable to discipline or control. Each work in this series is based on photographs which are zoomed in on to magnify details that are often overlooked. The paintings set realistic, detailed images against abstract backgrounds, often reworked from earlier paintings done years before. Vibrant bright colors and manipulated perspectives translate the work from photographic to fantastical, while the inclusion of fences, architectural elements and other objects references social and political, as well as psychological states. Included in this exhibition is another recent series: small digital prints of collages made using reproductions of art from art magazines. Each piece is essentially an amalgam of appropriated work, playing with color and composition as well as scale. The rejection of the idea of originality, inherent in appropriation, and the melding of styles results in a happy, hybrid metamorphosis.

Mary Cox is an American painter with Greek nationality living and working in Greece since 1993. She holds a Masters in Fine Art from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California. She has shown her work in galleries in Greece and abroad since 1999. Over the years she has taken up different subject matter and used a range of media, from a mixed-media series on migration which was selected for a biennial in Lulea, Sweden in 2011, to a photo- realistic series of paintings of old houses in the southern suburbs of Athens. Since 2014 she has co-directed the alternative artist-run FokiaNou Art Space.

Opening Day: 12 March, 7 pm
Duration: 12 March - 11 April, Monday-Friday 10am - 8pm


  • When: 12 Mar 2019 - 11 Apr 2019
  • Where: STOart Korai - Korai 4 (in the stoa)
  • Title: "Unruly Phenomena" - Painting Exhibition By Mary Cox