Getting Brains To Come Back To Homeland

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 27 July 2022
Getting Brains To Come Back To Homeland
The BrainReGain – Hellenism in Action initiative to repatriate Greeks who left the country in the previous decade due to the financial crisis will receive a boost with the publication of Greece Country Highlights.

The publication provides information about current economic and social developments in Greece, and all the basic information about the Greek regulatory, legislative, and investment framework.

This information includes everything from economic development indicators and entrepreneurship support tools, to reforms in the functioning of the state and policies for family support and life in Greece.

Apart from the effort to reverse the brain drain of the previous decade and turn it into a brain gain, the project also aspires to attract professionals and scientists from other countries as well.

BrainReGain is a nonprofit initiative bringing together 35 leading Greek companies, 65 top business executives, and 100,000 Greeks from the diaspora.

For some time now it has been systematically engaged in collating all those elements that are worth presenting to Greeks living outside Greece so they can see for themselves that the country they left behind in the previous decade has well and truly changed.

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