American Greeks Show Interest In Greek Citizenship More Than Ever Before

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 25 April 2022
American Greeks Show Interest In Greek Citizenship More Than Ever Before
The interest of the second and third generation Greeks in the United States to acquire Greek citizenship through naturalisation is extremely high. This was highlighted by the large attendance at the relevant workshops organised in Chicago, Boston and New York at the Greek consulates at the initiative of the Ministry of Interior.

The Secretary General of Citizenship of the Ministry of Interior, Athanasios Balerbas, traveled to the US to inform about the naturalisation process to the second and third generation Greeks who live there, according to Infognomon. and who, as it turned out, are interested in acquiring Greek citizenship and having relations with the Greek state either for emotional reasons or because they own property or would be willing to invest.

After the information provided by the Ministry of Interior, the Greek registries receive daily naturalisation applications from US citizens of Greek origin.

In order for the application to be accepted, it is enough to have evidence that certifies the Greek citizenship of at least one parent. In case they have passed away or they are third generation descendants, the consulate of the area undertakes a relevant interview in order to certify the connection with the country.

It should be noted that US citizens who will also acquire Greek citizenship through this process and do not have the right to vote remotely as “expatriates” as they have not lived in Greece as provided, but can vote if they decide to come to Greece during the election period.

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