COVID-19 & Insurance Coverage

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 19 March 2020
COVID-19 & Insurance Coverage
According to the Greek National Directive, until now, all Coronavirus cases are managed by Government agencies (Public Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers). To date, insurance companies ought to follow the National Public Health Organization (EODY) protocols for the protection of  public health and their insured customers.

The Procedure To Take A Test Is As Follows:
1. If you suspect you have contracted the coronavirus, you must call EODY (1135 & 210-5212504) where you will be asked to report your travel history and any worrying symptoms and  receive instructions for a referral to one of the 15 Reference Hospitals.
2. If the incident is evaluated as suspicious, a sample will be sent to one of the reference laboratories for further testing.
Health Plans 

As there are many health insurance plans on the market, each with its own terms, it is essential that customers communicate by phone or email with their insurance company or  their Insurance Advisor for specific instructions and how their company will treat an incident with COVID-19. 

Our market research shows that some insurers DO NOT exclude epidemic and pandemic outbreaks, which means that the insurance will cover the person as per their plan's terms. The same applies for covering the diagnostic test, provided that its medical necessity is documented.

However, some insurance companies explicitly state in their general and specific exceptions that epidemic and pandemic cases are NOT covered. Moreover, one insurance company mentions that in case of pandemic disease, all coverage is suspended (i.e., the contract is not valid for the duration of the pandemic.)

At this time, no insurance company advises for a visit to a private physician. The same applies to Corporate Group Programs.

Life Insurance Plans

Similarly, many insurance companies cover their clients in case of loss of life due to COVID-19. For example, if an insurance policyholder passes away due to the coronavirus, the policy's beneficiary will receive the sum assured as the death benefit.

Again, it is vital to look at the terms and conditions of each plan; keep an eye out for the word 'pandemic' which, is usually mentioned in the general or specific exceptions.

Travel Insurance

In many of the contracts we studied, epidemic, pandemic, or infectious diseases (e.g., malaria) are EXCLUDED. Canceled flights or medical air travel are also NOT covered in the case of COVID-19.

To date (18/03/2020), a person can join a health plan from an insurance company that has the option of electronic issuing. The cover due to an accident starts on the same day, while coverage due to illness begins after a one month waiting period.

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Disclaimer: This article was written on 18/03/2020 to provide information according to current developments. The above information may change depending on the course of COVID-19.

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