How To Stay Safe During A Heatwave

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 14 July 2023
How To Stay Safe During A Heatwave
As global warming remains one of the biggest problems for humanity, many countries all around the world are facing record-breaking heat waves. 

Here are a few simple tips and rules to help you cope with extreme temperatures.



How To Stay Safe During A Heatwave

Avoid sunbathing, stay in the shade, and be away from crowded spaces.

2. Do not walk or run under the sun.

3. Wear light, airy, and light-colored clothes, made of natural fabric (cotton or linen)

4. Wear a hat that allows head ventilation and dark sunglasses.

5. Avoid fatty food, eat small meals, and plenty of fruit and vegetables.

6. Drink lots of fluids (water and fruit juices). If you suffer from heavy sweating, then add some extra salt to your food. Avoid alcoholic drinks.

7. Take as many cool showers as you can during the day, and place a wet compress on your head and neck.

8. If a family member suffers from a chronic condition such as respiratory and cardiovascular disease, please consult their physician.

9. Avoid long journeys on public transport when it's very hot.

10. Keep babies and toddlers very lightly dressed keeping their hands and feet uncovered.

11. Children should stay out of the sun and always wear a hat.

12. Keep the shutters closed during the daytime and open them up in the evening to cool down the house.

13. Since warm air rises, the lower floors are usually cooler. If possible, stay on the ground or lower ground floor of your home.

For more self-protection guidelines, visit the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.