Life Insurance In Greece - Do You Need It?

  • by XpatAthens
  • Saturday, 10 March 2018
Life Insurance In Greece - Do You Need It?
If any of the points below have crossed your mind after your move to Greece, maybe you should start considering your life insurance options.

Below, Insurance-Greece gives us advice on what to consider when buying life insurance in Greece!

Ask yourself if would you like to achieve any of the following:
– Contributing to the financial needs of your children or grandchildren
– Settle funeral or repatriation arrangements in Greece
– Pay the outstanding balance owing on a mortgage / loan and other debts
– Offset the loss of your income / pension
– A combination of all or part of the above

Who would you like to insure under the life insurance policy?
Most insurance companies offer a variety of life insurance products to suit your lifestyle and family needs. You can get an insurance policy on your own life, or you can get one policy for both you and your spouse (called a joint life insurance policy). The most common joint life policy provides coverage when the first partner dies, leaving the life insurance benefit to the surviving spouse.

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