What You Need To Know About Greek Property Law

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 29 January 2018
What You Need To Know About Greek Property Law
Recently in November 2017, the Greek Property Legalization Law was voted and it established a new grace period for compliance, which allows owners to legalize their property violations. Favorable incentives such as lenient fines, extended installment payments and increased energy grants are among the incentives offered when declaring within the first 6 months. Katerina Sirouni gives us all the updates!

What are illegal structures?

Illegal structures (αυθαίρετες κατασκευές/aftheretes kataskeves) on Greek property are any enclosed areas, built structures and/or use of buildings that do not comply with what has been declared on the lawful building permits and drawings filed with the City Planning Office (Πολεοδομία/Poleodomia).

How do I know if I own illegal property?

Do a "legal check"! Appoint an Architect-Engineer to conduct an on-site inspection to verify if all built structures comply with what has been declared on your permit in surface/dimensions and use. Common examples of property violations are enclosed verandas, basement and garage space turned into living space as well as swimming pools and pergolas without permits.

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