Tips On Buying Health Insurance In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 12 October 2017
Tips On Buying Health Insurance In Greece
Planning to get Health insurance in Greece? Read this first!

Sometimes it can be tempting to go without health insurance coverage due to affordability concerns, but consider how you will fare should unforeseen circumstances arise. Few, if any, of us expect to have an accident or illness and this situation doesn’t wait for a more convenient time when we have health insurance plan to help pay the resulting medical bills.

So if you are planning to examine your options in Greece, below are 5 points you need to consider:

1) The insurance company

This is a very important decision you need to make. What is the company’s financial record? What is the agreed timeframe for a claim to be handled? What is the solvency margin of the firm you are about to sign up to? Your insurance advisor should be able to answer the above questions.

2) Emergency service

Is your advisor / company accessible at all times? Is there a 24-hour help line when your advisor is not able to pick up the phone or answer your emails? Do they offer global air ambulance and coordination in case of a serious health incident?

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