Consumers Can Now Offset Energy Bills With Solar Power

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 19 February 2015
Consumers Can Now Offset Energy Bills With Solar Power

Greek households will be able to offset electricity cost by installing photovoltaic systems and providing electricity both to themselves and to the power grid, according to a decision signed on Tuesday by the Deputy Environment Minister Makis Papageorgiou.

The offsetting system, known as "net metering", allows households and companies that produce their own electricity through photovoltaics to share it with the local utility company that then credits them for it against the cost of electricity it provides to them.

The new smart meters will measure both the energy consumed by the producer (e.g. a household) and that provided to the utility grid. In a household's case, the bill issued every four months will factor in incoming and outgoing energy; if the incoming energy is greater, the household pays the difference, if it is the lesser of the two, the household will be credited for the next four-month cycle. A final statement will be issued at the end of the year, after which any surplus will not be carried over.

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