Greece Launches Digital Nomads Visas To UK Citizens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 12 July 2021
Greece Launches Digital Nomads Visas To UK Citizens

As recent surveys expect digital nomads to skyrocket to 1 billion by 2035, the Greek government is getting ready to claim its share from the so-called digital nomads market by launching a Digital Nomads Visa, specifically targeted to UK citizens.

Greek officials consider that Brexit will help boost the number of professionals seeking to work elsewhere and wish to encourage them to live and work remotely from Greece.

Even though this phenomenon has been widely known in other countries, Greece currently ranks 50th among 85 countries, as the pandemic became one of the main causes that this trend was brought to light here in Greece.

An MIT study showed that if Greece managed to attract 100,000 digital nomads in one year who lived and worked remotely for 6 months, the annual revenue could reach up to 1.6 billion euros, an amount that almost corresponds to revenue generated by a weekly stay of 2.5 million tourists.

The Greek government is well aware of the fierce competition this industry faces abroad, but with its stunning sceneries, easy access to other EU countries, and the thousands of visitors it welcomes each year, it hopes to gain a competitive advantage and become a key player, when it comes to attracting and providing high-quality hospitality to foreign employees.

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