The Municipality Of Athens Transforms The City's Fountains

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 11 May 2021
The Municipality Of Athens Transforms The City's Fountains
Fountains are an oasis of coolness for Athens and a pole of attraction both for locals and visitors who want to enjoy some moments of relaxation in the capital's central neighborhoods. Inextricably linked to its history and culture, fountains are part and parcel of the city's life.

In recent years, Athen's fountains were in a state of complete abandonment as many of them stopped operating or were in a very bad condition.

In recent weeks, a major project is underway to restore the city's fountains and turn them into stunning decorative elements that will enhance and improve the city's urban landscape. 

The first step was made with the construction of the fountain in Omonia Square, which regained its former glory and gave life to Athen's center. Now, dozens of fountains located in the capital's historic neighborhoods are being renovated, repaired, and maintained in order to significantly improve the residents' quality of life. 

The municipality's specialized crews, under the coordination of Deputy Mayor of Green and Electricity, Sakis Kollatos, carry out cleaning and restoration work for the city's 34 fountains, such as repairing the sewerage and lighting systems, construction works, waterproofing, and marble restorations. The first 15 fountains have already been put into operation and in the next few days, five more are expected to be completed. 

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