Athens’ Anti-Graffiti Initiative Cleans Up Ermou Street

  • by XpatAthens
  • Sunday, 09 May 2021
Athens’ Anti-Graffiti Initiative Cleans Up Ermou Street
As part of its anti-graffiti campaign, the Municipality of Athens took on the initiative of delivering Ermou street back to the public free of paints and slogans. 

This big operation was conducted by the municipality's cleaning units, under the coordination of Deputy Mayor for Cleaning and Recycling, Nikos Avramidis. The specialized crews worked for more than 18 days in order to overturn the image of abandonment in an area brimming with important archaeological findings. 

After years of aesthetic vandalism, the stone-built wall of 2,300 m2, located at the archaeological site of Kerameikos, is now, once again, sparkling clean. Six hundred liters of solvent and 88 tons of water were used in order to remove years of graffiti, while the specialized crews used 200 liters of special liquid to ensure the wall's protection against future vandalism.  At the same time, graffiti of aesthetic and artistic value was protected with special coverings, which act as a deterrent against any type of vandalism. 

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