Greek Startup Raises 300K To Help Lodgings Owners

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 19 February 2015
Greek Startup Raises 300K To Help Lodgings Owners

In an era when online travel agencies dominate hotel bookings, there is still a broad strip of the accommodation industry that largely remains untapped by the web. Hundreds of thousands of lodgings, bnbs, inns or rooms to let -however they are called- are servicing millions of guests worldwide, despite being stuck with legacy tools, that make it hard for them to get discovered and hard to manage.

To give an example, in Greece alone there are about 40 thousand “rooms to let” facilities. Most of them do not have an online booking option, as a result of managing their reservations on paper ledgers or raw excel files.

Discoveroom comes to change the scene and help this sector flourish. With a mobile app for reservations management that has been built from day one with small lodging owners in mind, it provides a solid basis to make lodgings’ operations efficient, for owners and guests alike.

The first version of the app for iOS and Android was released a couple of months ago, and is already being used by hundreds of lodgings, mostly in Greece, but also in geographies as disparate as South Africa, Malaysia and Alaska.

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