Global Young Shipping Forum: What Now?

  • by XpatAthens
  • Saturday, 20 June 2020
Global Young Shipping Forum: What Now?
On Friday 5th June 2020, 14 Youth Shipping Organizations from 13 countries united at the 1st Open E-dialogue after the initiative of Young Executives Shipping (YES) FORUM (Greece) and in partnership with Youngship Cyprus, Youngship Turkey, Youngship Panama, Youngship Venezuela, Youngship Singapore, Youngship Texas, Young Professionals In Shipping Network Honk Kong, Young Shipping Professionals New York, Young Professionals In Shipping Network Shanghai & Beijing, Maritime SheEo India, Shipping Professionals Network London, The Ocean Opportunity Lab (TOOL) and It's All About Shipping UK. 

This virtual global gathering managed to have an impact on over 10k viewers with all speakers discussing shipping as an ideal career path and what are the right steps for the young generation to enhance their career in it. The main topics included but not limited to: mentoring, digital transformation, networking while social distancing, attract talent pool, technical roles, development of skills, role models, onboard experiences, and the value of volunteerism.

Fotini Papachatzaki, Youngship Cyprus, stressed the importance of the human contact even during social distancing through mentoring and urged young people to practice their listening skills and to brainstorm with their mentors in order to build a positive future for our industry and oceans. Danae Bezantakou, Moderator of the forum and concept founder of YES FORUM, underlined that it is important to act local but continue to think global.

Taking into consideration that Big Data and IoT are hot topics these days, Sumit Sharma, Maritime SheEo (INDIA), advised the youth to Innovate themselves and acquire the skills needed to excel in their professional lives as the human capital is irreplaceable. The concept of Technology was also supported by Maria Dragoumerli, Shipping Professionals Network London, who urged young people to undertake more technical roles, as Shipping is broad and there are many opportunities to explore in the technological field.

Therefore, we should exploit the use of technology to build our online presence even at times of social distancing commented Tabitha Logan, Young Professionals In Shipping Network Honk Kong. Because "we need to be braver, bolder, not shy to tell our story and be more visible telling positive stories", Wei Zhuang, Young Professionals In Shipping Network Shanghai & Beijing, advised in order to attract young professionals to the Greenest Industry, i.e. Shipping. Also, Eli Ginsberg, Young Shipping Professionals New York, underlined the use of social media as a great tool to develop our skills and have our say in an industry connected to climate change and diversity.

Because after all, "without young talent you cannot sustain Shipping and the environment" Gina Panayiotou, It's All About Shipping UK, said. Dr. Sinem Ogis, Youngship Turkey, underlined the importance of being part of an organization since Organizations can enhance members’ professional performance. Also, young people have the chance to voice their thoughts through an organization, Maria Laura Salazar, Youngship Venezuela, said and have access to many sources of information needed to continue their business, as usual, Nelly Elder, Youngship Texas, commented.
Birgit Liodden, the founder of YOUNGSHIP INTERNATIONAL, stated that “Never waste a good crisis" and “We can empower and inspire and create the foundation of a thriving industry for young people; two statements that depict the mentality and common goal of all organizations participating to create the future of Shipping industry.

Danae Bezantakou, YES FORUM & the representatives of the organizations committed themselves to continue the open dialogue among them and the audience by given the chance to the next generation of the shipping industry to exploit the opportunities that arise locally and globally.

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