Museums In Greece Reopen

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 15 June 2020
Museums In Greece Reopen
Following the 3-month shutdown that was imposed by the Greek health authorities to contain the coronavirus outbreak, museums across the country have finally reopened.
The Public National Health Organization (EODY) and the Ministry of Culture & Sports have collaborated extensively to ensure a 2 and 1.5-meter distance among all visitors inside and outside respectively, is maintained at all times. Other measures include the mandatory use of protective face masks and an 8-people group tour maximum.
The Acropolis Museum President, Professor Dimitris Pantermalis, stated: "the closure of the Acropolis Museum was not only unpredictable, it was a huge shock (...), but ultimately this downtime became rather creative." He said that a lot of maintenance work took place as well as improvements in infrastructure and lighting, so that now "we are moving towards the opening of the museum completely renewed," he noted.
eDirector of the National Archaeological Museum, Maria Lagogianni, told ANA-MPA that "we want to ensure employees feel and actually are safe, but also that visitors can enjoy the museum knowing that their health safety is not at risk." Strictly scheduled visits and controlling visitor flow is key to offering a safe museum tour, she underlined.

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