Mazi Farm: Farming For The Future

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 22 April 2019
Mazi Farm: Farming For The Future
Mazi Farm

Located on the island of Euboea in central Greece, Mazi Farm is a 5-hectare farm that produces fids, pomegranates, almonds, and pistachios. Unlike most farms in Greece and the Mediterranean, Mazi Farm is a farm of regenerative agriculture, a technique that strives to produce quality food whilst having a positive environmental impact, enriching our social context and being financially sustainable.

The team of farmers are applying agricultural techniques capable of building soil, protecting biodiversity, keeping rivers clean, and capturing carbon from the atmosphere while producing an abundance of healthy nutritious food. At the heart of their approach is agroforestry, the union of agriculture and forests. Forests are vital to the health of our ecosystems and provide numerous ecosystem services that we can include in our farming practices.

The Farmers

Back in 2017, the Tsitsos family took a leap, a very big leap… they decided to become agroforestry farmers. The family, which was spread out in different parts of the world, reunited to become full-time farmers, restore a rugged 5-hectare plot, regenerate the land, and manage to grow highly nutritious food.

Dimitri, Georges, Etienne, Christine, and Solene have put their previous lives behind and have committed to actively participate in the restoration of our ecosystem and to harvest nutrient-dense produce that’s healthy and wholesome.

Together, they are farming for the future and so far, have planted 8,000 fruit & wild trees.

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