Cyclades Trail Cup 2019

  • by XpatAthens
  • Friday, 15 February 2019
Cyclades Trail Cup 2019 Cyclades Trail Cup presents a new set of events in alternative destinations with original routes and exciting cultural experiences!

Giving priority to some of the “near” Cycladic islands, the 2019 Championship will include 5 events in 5 destinations during 2019:

Every event has different types of races and in some cases combined routes. The “challenge” type of races, presents a two day route. All participants must choose either the Mini or Mega challenge and run the first day's route and choose another for the second day .

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In the new registration form, all* the Cyclades Trail Cup events are listed and participants can choose where and when to run.

Now you can choose special benefits like booking a seat in the shuttle bus leaving Athens for each of the ports and back.

The new T-shirt collection of Cyclades Trail Cup 2019 has 4 new designs. Each island has a mascot and you can order the T-shirts either you run or not!