It’s All Greek – Replica Greek Artefacts For Sale In Central London

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 19 February 2015
It’s All Greek – Replica Greek Artefacts For Sale In Central London

It’s All Greek is a specialist in fine replicas of ancient Greek art and jewellery who work exclusively with small, family businesses like their own. Their product range comes from a team of over fifteen such companies: currently 12 in Greece and 5 in the UK. Nothing is mass-produced.  Their shop is located in London, Bloomsbury—opposite the east corner of the British Museum to be exact (don’t mention the Marbles!)

As a Grecophile myself, I came across them on Twitter and immediately fell in love with their philosophy: “Our aims are to nurture enthusiasm for the spirit and art of ancient Greece, to promote the excellent products of our suppliers and to provide our customers with the best possible quality and service.”   Opening in 2000, they have supplied feature films such as Troy, Alexander and Clash of the Titans as well as featured in various media such as The Daily Telegraph and Elle Decoration, to name but a few.

I regularly make trips to London to see my friends. This time I decided to go and visit It’s All Greek and have a chat with them.  I met with Elinor Wynne Lloyd, founder and owner of It’s All Greek.

Your website is very extensive and shows us what can be purchased, as well as giving us background information about this lovely enterprise run by a collection of friends and family who come from a Classics background.

What was the final push in your compass to dedicate a shop to selling all things Greek?

During my sixteen years or so as a Classics teacher, I took a number of school trips to Greece, as I wanted the students to experience that magic of visiting the sites and to make the subject come alive. I found myself purchasing a number of bits and pieces to bring home to use in class and to have at home. Friends would often ask me to bring something back for them too, so I decided there might well be a market for this, albeit a very niche one.

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By Rebecca Hall