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  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Vyzitsa is a living museum of Pelion architecture. The whole settlement is a preserved settlement and is currently in very good condition. It has a lot of renovated mansions, churches, a large network of cobbled pathways which are scattered around the village and an excellent natural environment, as well as a great view across the Pagasitikos Gulf and Pelion. Vyzitsa is 30 kilometres from Volos, situated between Pinakates and Milies, at an altitude of 500 metres.

What you will see

In the village, you will find attractive three-storey, newly-renovated, stone-built mansions. Upon exploring, you will come across fresh water springs and well-preserved cobbled pathways scattered around the village. Beside the central spring, on the main road, you will find a map with all the information you need.


The central square with its tall plane trees and the fresh water spring;
The church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos, built in 1789;
The basilica church of Zoodohos Pigis, built in 1725;
The church of Athonas.

Things to do

Take a walk around the village and the mountain above. From Vyzitsa, you can find a host of paths.
Try the path leading to the train station of Milies. It is a short and easy path. Another interesting walk starts from the pathway next to Zoodohos Pigis and leads through the waterfalls and the settlement of Argireika, ending at Kala Nera.
In the cafes, bars and restaurants, you can taste the local traditional drink of tsipouro, which is served with delicious snacks.

Text & photos Despoina Vafeidou

Source: E-pelion.gr