Say “I Do” Οn The Island Of Amorgos

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 18 February 2015
Say “I Do” Οn The Island Of Amorgos

Amorgos, the island-hymn to the beauty of the sea, is considered to be one of the most romantic getaways in Greece due to its wild beauty and its sharp contrasts. There are not in fact many places in the world where wild mountainous terrain coexists harmonically with calm seas and green plains.

Traditional villages perched high above on cliffs, monasteries sculptured on steep rocks and ancient footpaths complete the picture. 

Wouldn’t this be the most dramatic backdrop to host the wedding of your dreams?

Beautiful whitewashed churches spread all around the island with blue bell towers affording an unrivalled view of the Aegean and the imposing rugged mountainscape form the most inspiring backdrop to say “I do”! Welcome the opportunity to perform your wedding ceremony in the traditional Cycladic way: walk all the way to the church through the narrow streets of the village escorted by a procession at the head of which there are people playing traditional instruments (violin or the lyre) and singing traditional wedding songs!

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