Syros: A Year-Round Island Destination

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 31 January 2019
Syros: A Year-Round Island Destination
Despite not being one of the most famous or talked about islands in Greece, Syros is a distinctive, extraordinary island. In fact, lovers of the elusive 'real Greece' pretty much all agree that the island of Syros is a special place.
Hermoupolis, the capital of Syros, is one of the most stunning port towns in the Mediterranean; it’s pretty much a living museum studded with some of the most beautiful buildings in Greece. In Hermoupolis you will find the famous Platia Miaouli, one of the largest and most lively squares in Greece, surrounded by 19th century arcaded buildings and the enormous town hall, built by famous architect Ernst Ziller in 1876. A bit further up you will come across the Apollon Opera House, a smaller replica of La Skala in Milan. Hermoupolis is studded with imposing Orthodox and Catholic churches like the Church of the Assumption – home to a precious an icon by El Greco which was probably brought to the island by the Venetians in the 19th century.
Apart from Hermoupolis, Syros has many other villages and towns worth exploring. Ano Syros is a medieval town built in the 1200’s during the Frankish rule. It’s winding narrow streets and awe-inspiring views make it a remarkable place to visit and explore. Posidonia or Dellagratsia is famous for its old mansions and cosmopolitan vibe, Kini, Azolimnos and Galissas are beautiful seaside villages, while Finikias is the yachting center and best sailboat harbor on the island.
Once you get to know it, Syros is the kind of island that you’ll want to return to every few years. It is one of the few islands in Greece that remains lively year-round. Hermoupolis never has the desolate feel, that plagues most of the other Greek islands during the winter; the restaurants, cafes, and shops remain open and there is a daily boat to Athens.

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