What To Pack For Your Trip To The Greek Islands

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 22 January 2018
What To Pack For Your Trip To The Greek Islands
Packing can be overwhelming especially if you are traveling lightly and unsure about the weather. Luckily, Greece in the summer is usually steady sunshine and warm days, but there are a few things to keep in mind when packing for the Greek Islands. Rebecca Hall from Life Beyond Borders shares her packing list and recommendations on what to bring!

T-Shirts and/or Tunics - Great for traveling and can be worn over leggings or even as a dress.

Flip Flops and Sandals - It's important to have one pair of beach shoes (flip flops) and a nicer pair of sandals for going out. Rebecca loves the Tea brand because they are great for walking up those steep and uneven cobbled lanes that the Greek islands are known for.

Several Swim Suits - As a good Greek will tell you, there's nothing worse than drying yourself in a wet swimsuit. All Greeks go to the beach with at least one change of swimwear.

All Purpose Dress - A light, cotton dress is perfect for day or evening wear. You can dress it up or down.

Sweater - Surprisingly, it can get cool at night on the islands. There's usually a breeze and when the sun goes down, you can definitely feel a chill in the air. Be sure to bring a light sweater if you plan on staying out at night.

The Greek islands are not just for visiting during the summer months. September and October, and even November, can be the best time of year to visit. Don't miss Rebecca's packing list for Autumn!

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