The Best Last-Minute Destinations In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 07 August 2017
The Best Last-Minute Destinations In Greece
Summer in Greece, especially August, is packed full with all kinds of travelers, thus making it more difficult to find accommodation. If you’re looking to take a last-minute holiday, check out Greece Is’ list of the best places to do so!


Located in the northeastern Aegean, Samothraki (also known as Samothrace) has some truly fairytale landscapes not normally associated with Greek islands – most notably the Fonias Gorge with its waterfalls and plunge pools that you can swim in all summer long. Walk along the gorge under lush trees accompanied by colorful dragonflies flitting about.


Roughly a four-hour drive from Athens and located near the city of Volos (which has an international airport), Pilio combines much of the best of Greece has to offer (forested mountains, fantastic beaches, stone-built villages, stories of centaurs). While it is a popular destination among Greeks and foreign visitors, the accommodation options are many in and around the numerous villages, so even in the height of summer you should be able to find a little slice of paradise.

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