Unchartered & Uninhabited Island Destinations In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 20 September 2016
Unchartered & Uninhabited Island Destinations In Greece
Greece is made up of a half a dozen archipelagos making it easy to see how there are a plethora of amazing uninhabited islands around Greece that visitors can add to their list of places to visit on their next Grecian holiday!

Keros Island

Located northwest of Amorgos, Keros island is a part of the Koufonissia islands and boasts important archaeological sites and excavations. Archaeologist have uncovered ruins from the Early Cycladic period 3200-2000 BC and in ancient times, it was called Keria. The beaches have white sand and the water is turquoise. People may visit the island on their own boat or by hiring an excursion boat. Overnight stays are not permitted by the Archaeological Authority that watches over the island.


Lihadonisia is an island complex located across from Kamena Vourla in Evia. The islands are dotted with beaches that were created by volcanic inlets. Often referred to as the “Maldives” of Greece, the islands emerged as a result of a massive earthquake thousands of years ago and volcanic activity during the Cenozoic century. Thought to have been named after the servant of the God Hercules, Lihas, the islands can be reached via boat excursions operating from the harbor of Kavos in Evia.


Gramvousa is part of the Cretan islands archipelago. The two islands it refers to are Imeri and Agria Gramvousa, literally “tame” and “wild” Gramvousa. You can take a one day boat trip leaving in the morning and returning at night from Kissamos port and arriving at Gramvousa and Balos beach & lagoon. Day tours are available from May to October. Known for spectacular beaches, flora and fauna, and the remains of the Venetian castle and fort that tops Imeri Gramvousa peaks, these two islands are not to be missed.

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