Hidden Places To Explore In Greece

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 02 May 2016
Hidden Places To Explore In Greece
Travel blogger and author Rebecca Hall, tells us about her recent 'hidden Greece' adventures - some of the beautiful places that not many travellers know to venture to. 
Around Parnassos
Parnassos is a limestone mountain in central Greece and the ancient Oracle and town of Delphi can be found at its base. Not many tourists who travel to Greece will equate the country with skiing, but that’s exactly what you can do on Parnassos because at 2,457m high, it offers good ski facilities in the winter.

Most people stay in the mountain town of Arachova. Think of it as an apres ski town; alive in the winter with ‘beautiful people’ - yet in the spring offering lovely wooden chalets, private accommodations with views to the distant Peloponnese region.

Karikion Andro Cave (the Cave of Panas)
About a 20 minute drive from Arachova and Delphi; up, up, up into the pine woodland and suddenly the cave is there. The area offers sweeping views out as far as the seaside village of Galaxidi (yes, it’s possible to be skiing or in the mountains one minute, then soaking up the sun by the sea within half an hour in this area of Greece).

Caves, traditional villages, mountain countryside, an off-the-map UNESCO monastery, if you’re looking for a completely different side of this every magical, changing country, you can’t go wrong in booking a Hidden Tour of Greece.

Local Villages
My private, tailor-made tour also included visits to small villages where I encountered local people weaving using the traditional methods, wine tasting from the various vineyards in the area - and a visit to the Bread Museum of the town of Amphiklia (who knew bread could be so interesting? I certainly didn’t).

I would discover that ‘luxury’ did not have to mean a five-star resort on a beach - it’s about the richness of the experiences had...how deep one goes into a culture. That, for me, is luxury.

Originally posted on Huff Post Travel. To read more from Rebecca, please visit: Life Beyond Borders