Celebrating August 15th At Limani Restaurant

  • by XpatAthens
  • Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Celebrating August 15th At Limani Restaurant
Are you stuck in Greece over the summer? Located in close proximity to Athens, fish restaurant To Limani combines an idyllic setting with mesmerizing sea views, creating the feeling of being on an island! The seaside route to the restaurant, across the entire Athenian Riviera, will enchant you, offering peace and serenity – a much-needed escape from the chaotic city. A restaurant worth a visit to enjoy both a delicious meal with excellent seafood and stunning vistas.

To Limani is a traditional fish restaurant in Palaia Fokaia - one of the oldest in the area. You will always find the freshest fish and seafood at the best prices, and you will have the chance to enjoy its delicious delicacies while savoring the sunset. For those who have not visited yet, there are lots of reasons to do so, for instance, the great variety of premium Mediterranean flavors and the friendly service of its staff. The aim of the Kopsolemis family is for every visitor to leave satisfied. Its people carry the "baton of taste" from generation to generation, since 1980 at the picturesque harbor of Palaia Fokaia.

All dishes are accompanied by fresh and local ingredients, herbs, and vegetables, selected daily from the owners' orchard or local producers, a fact confirmed while tasting fresh, local fish, as well as a variety of Mediterranean & Greek cuisine.

Location: Aghias Eirinis 1, Palaia Fokaia - 52nd km Athens - Souniou Avenue, Palaia Fokaia, Attica
Tel: 22910 41052

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