• by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 16 February 2015
The Grocery

The Grocery on central Skoufa street in Kolonaki opened in 2014 and is designed by architects Andreas Kourkoulas and Maria Kokkinou, in a style which combines industrial with nostalgic elements, reminiscent of an old fashioned grocery. The art deco tiles give the space a unique character.

The cuisine is Greek, with some ethnic dishes and is based on quality local ingredients, such as aromatic herbs, greens, cheese from small producers which give the dishes a simple, essential taste, keeping to tradition.  The Grocery is open all day with coffees, juices and breakfast in the morning, is a popular spot for lunch, and in the evening hours the highlights include original cocktails, selected local wine, ouzo, distillates, and beers.

Address: Skoufa 46, Kolonaki - Phone: 210 3623541

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