• by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 16 February 2015
Vegetarian Restaurant

At ImproV the emphasis is on a plant based diet. While animal use and treatment is undoubtedly the most important issue, there are several health and environmental benefits of eating vegan. All vegan food, if prepared correctly is infinitely healthier than non-vegan options.

In this relaxed restaurant you can also taste vegan versions of all the classic favorite dishes of Greek cuisine, like souvlaki with seitan gyro, keftedes made with pinto beans, a big variety of veggie burgers and veggie hot dogs, traditional local dishes like giouvetsi with pleurotus mushrooms and many more tasties. Fun, a fresh approach and a surprisingly interesting menu make this place a favorite for locals and visitors.

Address: Iakhou 8 & Evmolpidon, Athens 11854

Phone: 213 0240875, Website: www.v10.gr

By Nelly Paraskevopoulou



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