Athens Famous Bifteki Burgers

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 16 February 2015
Athens Famous Bifteki Burgers

As we all know it all started Greece... Did you know that the first burger was served in Athens back in 1886? That was the city called "Athens", in Texas, USA... Fletcher Davis, a native of Athens, Texas, was the one who invented the hamburger and served it for the first time to his customers. It is now our turn here in our Athens of 2013 to serve this world-wide popular meal using the famous recipe. 

For all of us, perfect-burger-lovers! Great value for money in an unpretentious, friendly space. Hearty portions, genuine, juicy taste, country fries, veggie burgers, and specialties like the Athens burger with feta sauce, make this burger place an excellent choice.

Kodratou 14, Athens

210 5248005

By Nelly Paraskevopoulou


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