New In Athens - NAMI Sushi Bar

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 26 April 2018
New In Athens - NAMI Sushi Bar
Located in Glyfáda, NAMI Sushi is fairly new on the Athens scene, opening in April 2017, but there's already buzz surrounding this Japanese Sushi Bar. NAMI has gotten rave reviews about the amazing flavors they offer, the freshness of their sushi, and the spectacularly clean and friendly environment. While they are regularly open for dinner at 19:00, they also host events with live jazz and a lively atmosphere.

The menu is large with appetizers, salads, and many kinds of sushi, including Temaki, Hosomaki, Urumaki, Gunkan, Nigiri, etc. For non-sushi lovers, there's a choice of egg, buckwheat, or ramen noodles, as well as main dishes like Salmon teriyaki and shrimp and vegetable tempura. For the adult beverages, Nami has the basics covered with wines (white, red, and rose), a selection of spirits, and of course, Sake. Where they really stand out is with their collection of speciality cocktails with names like Jazzmine, a bombay gin infused green tea with jasmine flowers or the Hattori Hanzo, another bombay gin with fresh kumquat and quarto. So whether you like sushi or not, NAMI Sushi has something for everyone.

Address: Kyprou 65, Glyfáda
Telephone: 210 898 5555
Hours: 19:00-00:30

Photo Credit: NAMI Sushi