The Dalliance House Restaurant In Kifisia

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 01 June 2017
The Dalliance House Restaurant In Kifisia
The Dalliance House Restaurant in Kifisia is in a neoclassical building of 1890 and was originally used as a bourgeois house. The all-day bar restaurant that is now in operation, has iron constructions and plasterboards largely covering the treasure of memories which were trapped underneath and that had to be totally dismantled. Today, three generations later, The Dalliance House in Kifissia, houses the space created by Lefteris Bakopoulos and his colleagues, so we can enjoy it by morning, noon, or evening.

In the main entrance, guests have a general view of the site as it evolves 180 degrees, revealing from left to right, the bar, the corridor leading to the second floor of the building and the petrol blue room. On the left side of the main entrance lies the space of the bar. The playful lights of the bar have lots of personality!

The elements that characterize The Dalliance House are intimate, comfort, and a tendency to create a space where privacy and sociability are combined. It plays on the dichotomy that takes place between the space and its world.

Address: Kiriazi 19, Kifisia
Telephone: 210 62 30 775
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