Avli - A Funky House Of Meatballs

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 24 April 2017
Avli - A Funky House Of Meatballs
Avli is one of those places you have to be introduced to by someone who’s already been there. Although a sign does exist above its narrow metal door, there’s so much graffiti on either side of it, you could walk right by even if you had the address firmly in your hand or mind. Once inside, if you’re the first customer, you still might think you’ve made a mistake.

Avli means ‘courtyard,’ but this one is narrow, much more like a back alley. Blue doors and shuttered windows the same shade as the Greek flag pierce the right wall, the left has a few potted plants and three plump alley cats comfortably ensconced on the old-fashioned rush-seated taverna chairs. A whitewashed staircase closes the space at the back, and a sheet of corrugated plexiglass offers some protection from the elements.

Funky is the word that comes to mind, an impression reinforced when you examine the faded clippings, drawings, and magazine ads hanging on the walls and pasted on the shutters (all gifts from friends), the cracked marble flagstones, the small tables with their plastic 'cloths' of different colors, stripes, checks or flowers, the somewhat bedraggled garland of garlic and chili peppers hanging from a drainpipe.


Address: Agiou Dimitriou 8
Telephone: 210 321 7642

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