Do It Like Christmas: 3 Different Tastes - Part 2

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 02 March 2015
Do It Like Christmas: 3 Different Tastes - Part 2

Here are another 3 spectacular places to visit, for something new, something different, something festive! Happy New Year!

1. Winter garden stories
If you are going to sit down for a nice coffee or a fragrant tea with Christmas dark chocolate cake, English Christmas cake with ginger and honey, vanilla moons, cinnamon stars and macarons, let it be at the wonderful luxury patio on the ground floor of the Grande Bretagne, among the carved pillars, the elegant marble floors and the gorgeous gold tables. (Syntagma Square, 2103330000)

2. A touch of truffle
If you are fond of the precious mushroom, there is no festive gastronomy without fresh truffle. Danil Petrini's agnolotti at Luna Rossa, with foie gras pate and Norcia black truffle, with a very nice balance of textures (soft paste, super al dente pasta), it is really worth a try. Or, see how it transforms a perfectly scented risotto with a touch of Alba white truffle - the result is both bold and fine. (Socratous 213, Kallithea, 2109423777)

3. Festive Italian aperitivo
The Italians who pair their casual afternoon drink with snacks called aperitivo are definitely on to something. Guess what, to enjoy it, you dont have to go to Rome (not that it would be bad). Just go to Collage. Paying for your drink, say a Negroni, try whatever you like from the layed-out buffet on the great designer bar: cold pasta, bruschetta, focaccia, etc. You can get a taste of their festive cocktails like Santa's grape (rum , grapefruit , pineapple and gingerbread foam) or the Red Bliss, with Spumante, lychee and fresh pomegranate. (Kapnikareas 3 and Ermou, 2103232060)

By Angela Stamatiadou - translated by Eleni Georgiou