5 Cozy Athenian Cafes With Fireplaces

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 09 January 2024
5 Cozy Athenian Cafes With Fireplaces
Not everyone appreciates winter, but we can all agree that, like every season, winter has its charm, too. It has something whimsical to offer to everyone, no matter where you are. If you find yourself in Athens this winter and feel like sipping a hot drink while cozying up next to a roaring fire, these warm and inviting Athenian cafes are the place to be! 

1. Yiasemi 

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Located in the charming area of Plaka, Yasemi oozes with vintage romance. Its fairylight-decked exterior, climbing jasmine vines, and cozy interior give this place a magical feel, especially in the winter, when the fireplace burns bright. Once there, you can't miss out on the delicious orange pie and the cafe's specialty, jasmine tea! 

Location: Mnisikleous 23, Athina
Telephone: 21 3041 7937

2. Safe House

Safe House

Located in Dionysos, this is without a doubt the ultimate winter hangout! If you visit during the colder winter months you may be lucky enough to see snow, while comfortable pillows and, not just one, but two burning fireplaces will make you feel like you are in a mountain lodge. Make sure to try the ginger cinnamon tea or a hot in-house cocktail!

Vakchon, Dionisos
21 0800 5693

3. Arwma Plateias

Aroma Plateias

Located in the bustling central square of Nea Smirni, one of the coolest neighborhoods in Athens, Arwma Plateias is both trendy and cozy, featuring tasteful decoration and a laid-back atmosphere. You can choose between three main venues - each one with its own aesthetics. The fireplace is located in the lower bar, where you can drink coffee, try homemade pastries, and sip delicious cocktails, all while listening to relaxing jazz, Britpop, and funk-rock sounds.

25is Martiou, Nea Smirni
21 0935 7505

4. Plaka Cafe 

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With its distinctive pink exterior and beautiful terrace, this charming cafe is an all-time classic meeting point in the Anafiotika neighborhood. Its warm ambiance and cozy decor will make you want to literally hibernate in it all year long! Among its desirable traits are the cafe's extensive food and beverage menu, as well as the fact that our four-legged friends are more than welcome there!

Location: Tripodon 1, Athina
21 0322 0388

5. Paliatsos

Paliatsos Bar

Paliatsos is an all-day music restaurant in Penteli, reminiscent of a European bistro and filled with rare artifacts and furnishings from all over the world, collected by its owner during his travels. You can start the day with a mouth-watering breakfast or brunch, then sample the chef's refined delicacies, and end the day with a drink. There is also a venue especially for children with a fairy-tale-like setting that will impress both young and old. 

Location: Plateia Agias Triados, Penteli
21 0810 0889