The "A Liar Man" Bar Is A Hidden Hit In Gazi

  • by XpatAthens
  • Monday, 16 February 2015
The "A Liar Man" Bar Is A Hidden Hit In Gazi
"A liar man" in Gazi, hidden among short, white houses and trembling neo-classical buildings, if someone doesn’t show it to you, you can hardly find it. Of course being almost always packed, it shows that there are many bar seekers around or just that whoever knows it, visits it often. In terms of architecture and interior design it’s so well made that you can’t get enough, so you keep going. Opening its white door at Sofroniou Street you find the stone corridor that leads to the bars, but that also has tables for two. The wisely opened windows benefit visual contact between different spaces, so that you can check anything interesting that is moving.

By Ioanna Papadopoulou

A charming spot
When I sit with my friends at the bar, Demosthenes satisfies our most difficult orders. Apple martini, strawberry daiquiri, mai tai, Acapulco, with two or three different recipes for each. It’s inevitable not to ask him how he feels working in a bar with such a name.

During brakes between chats for liar men, you notice the painted details on the shelves and the back of chairs. If you are a bit more art-oriented you’ll notice that the non-visual decorative art is balanced by portraits of old ladies, dressed in black, on the walls. You’ll surely notice the modern lighting, all different from one another, and you choose which one you’d like to put in your room. Lately, they added a light-tree branch, that hugs the arch on the ceiling, and reminds us of how nice a room can look with the proper lighting.

Music disappoints
All good impressions from the nice decoration, is cancelled by the poor music. I began my first daiquiri with “Queremos paz” from “La revancha del Tango” by Gotan Project and I finished it with “Last Tango in Paris” from the same record. Then we heard the complete discography of Edith Piaf and after a few songs her voice starts feeling like a dog barking. Playing a whole cd is a -cheap- safe solution, when it comes to relevance between songs, but you start wandering if you would like to have a second drink at the place. A dj wanted!


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