How To Wish Something In Greek

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 01 December 2020
How To Wish Something In Greek
When living in Greece, it feels nice if you can communicate in Greek, even to a minimum level. For example, you could say a nice “Greek wish” to a Greek-speaking friend or acquaintance.  Being able to say a Greek everyday wish, makes you feel part of Greek society.
In Greece, every circumstance seems to be an occasion for a wish, a good word. It is a way to express love, joy, sympathy, and much more. In this article, you find a small selection of popular wishes. If you want more, you are welcome to download the free eBook with the link at the end of this article. So let's start!

A New Beginning In The Calendar

Καλό μήνα! [Kalo mina] – (Have a) Good month! = 1st of every month.
Καλή εβδομάδα! [Kali evdomada] – (Have a) Good Week! = Every Monday
Καλό σαββατοκύριακο! [Kalo savatokirako] - Enjoy your weekend
Καλή χρονιά! [Kali chronia] – Happy New Year! = 1st of January and for several days before and after …

When Eating Or Drinking

Καλή όρεξη! [kali orexi] - Enjoy your meal!
Γεια μας! [yia mas] - Cheers! (literally: to our health)
Γεια στα χέρια σου! [gia sta xeria sou] - "Bless your hands" (a wish to the person who cooked the nice meal)

New Acquisitions

Even if someone is buying something, people in Greece also use wishes:
Με γεια! [Me gia] – With health! = enjoy your new acquisition …. Usually for clothes and shoes. (Also used when you had a haircut!)
Καλορίζικο! [Kaloriziko] – Good luck! = Used when people buy bigger property (houses, shops), or move to another house. From the words ‘good’ and ‘root’ = have good roots!


When somebody is not well or sick, it is nice to wish them:

Περαστικά! [Perastika] – Get Well! = May your illness pass quickly!
Σιδερένιος! [Siderenios] – “Iron!” = May you be strong as iron again!


For someone traveling or ready to leave, you can wish him the following:

Καλό δρόμο!/ Στο καλό! [Kalo dromo!/Sto kalo!] – Drive (home) safely!
Καλό ταξίδι! [Kalo taksidi] – “Have a nice trip!” = Travel by any means of transport.
Καλή αντάμωση! [Kali antamosi] – “Until we meet again!” = may we meet again.
Καλές διακοπές! [Kales diakopes] – Enjoy your holidays!


A very pleasant and positive wish, you can use many times!

Συγχαρητήρια! [sicharitiria] - Congratulations
Μπράβο![bravo] - Bravo!
Και σε ανώτερα! [ke se anotera] - "To an even more successful/better future"

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