PlayCanDo - Encouraging Free Play In Athens' Communities

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 12 January 2017
PlayCanDo - Encouraging Free Play In Athens' Communities
You may have seen blue blocks around Athens and have wondered, what are those? Jessica from Athens Coast sits down with Renee Belousis, the founder of PlayCanDo, and tells us what those blue blocks are and how children can use them!

Jessica: How did you get the idea of starting PlayCanDo?

Renee: Last summer we were at our favourite playground in Vouliagmeni. To our disappointment, they had ripped out the slides and other play equipment leaving big gaping holes. I was very annoyed and angry as our children had even less choice of playgrounds to play in.

When we got home I started researching playgrounds and came across the Imagination Playground. The Imagination Playground consists of life size foam blocks, called Blue Blocks. These looked very familiar to me. As it turns out, we had encountered the big Blue Blocks a couple of years earlier, at a children’s museum on a trip to San Francisco.

That’s when I thought wouldn’t it be great if children in Greece had the opportunity to play with these blocks too. I started discussions with Imagination Playground and through this became the Representative Sales Agent in Greece. In order to import the Blue Blocks I started the company, PlayCanDo.

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