Ideas On What To Do With Children In Athens

  • by XpatAthens
  • Tuesday, 09 February 2016
Ideas On What To Do With Children In Athens
Athens is a great place for every age and there are so many options on what to do with young children. Here our friends at Family Goes Out explore some of their favourite things to do with children in Athens.

1) Plaka and Monastiraki
A walk around the historic Plaka and Monastiraki area is not only a favorite excursion for families visiting from abroad. Winter and Summer, any time of the day, Family Goes Out always love to go there. Our favorite stop in Plaka is the Lisikrati Square. The children love playing safely on the grass around the ancient monument (built in 334 – 333 BC!) whilst we adults enjoy a drink or a meal in one of the restaurants around the square

2) The Athens Zoo - Attiko Parko
We have been visiting the Attiko Parko ever since our first child was a baby. We still try to go there at least once every couple of months, although in summer it can get very hot in the park. Our most recent visit was in January 2016 to see the latest addition of the park: the Asian Elephants.

Children under 3 years old do not pay and on the so called ‘Stroller Friday’, every mom or dad who will come with a baby stroller will pay the discounted price of 10 Euro. The zoo also offers various discounted packages for (large) families and special prices for seniors and disabled persons.

The children can get very close to the animals and the zoo is very stroller friendly.

3) The Acropolis Museum
Maybe not a monthly visit but at least a couple of times per year. One of my greatest passions is history and Archeology and my daughter seems to follow me. Sometimes we just discover a specific selection in the permanent exhibition of the museum and on other occasions do a family tour, or one of the special tours for children with a child friendly guide.

The museum organizes a variety of special events on a regular basis. In summer, we love the museum night. Check out the programme on their website. We also enjoy going to the restaurant or the book corner to relax and learn about the history.

For a full list of ideas, please visit: Family Goes Out