How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Greek Coffee

  • by XpatAthens
  • Thursday, 23 April 2020
How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Greek Coffee
Greek coffee is a strongly brewed coffee that can be found all over Greece, a staple of the Greek diet, and an integral part of the country's culture. Greeks often meet up for a coffee with friends or family and it's not uncommon that a coffee break lasts for an hour or even more – this is enough time to chat, gossip and catch up while the coffee grounds settle!

To make Greek coffee, you'll need a briki, a metal (copper is best) pot with a long handle. Brikis come in many different sizes–anything between 2 and 6 cups is acceptable. However, keep in mind that  if you're serving more than 6 cups at a time, you'll need to do it in stages.

What You'll Need

1. Greek Coffee 
2. A briki
3. Water
4. Sugar
5. Demitasse cups

How To Make It

Step1: Take however many demitasse cups are needed and fill each with water. Then, pour the water from each cup into the briki. Add 1 heaping teaspoon of Greek coffee into the briki for each demitasse cup.

Step 2: Add sugar as needed: 1 teaspoon for metrios (medium) 2 for glykos (sweet)

Step 3: Put the briki on a gas burner and turn it on to medium-low heat.

Step 4: After a few minutes when it starts to get warm, continuously stir the mixture until it dissolves. Once all is dissolved, stop stirring.Continue to slowly heat and watch for the foam to rise and take it off right before it begins to boil. (This foam is called kaïmaki) and the richer the foam, the better the coffee.

Step 5: If it’s just one cup, pour and enjoy. However, if there is more than one, pour a little into each cup, then go back to the first, and fill up each cup to the top. The reason for this is that you spread the foam to each of the cups so it will be present in each person's coffee.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy you coffee!

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